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Section 8 Waiting List Pre-Application

The Battle Creek Housing Commission (BCHC) is pleased to announce the opening of the Housing Choice Voucher Program Battle Creek Waiting List, starting at 8:01 a.m. (EDT) March 30, 2020 and running through 2:59 p.m. (EDT) April 3, 2020.

Only one pre-application per household will be accepted. Once you’ve successfully completed pre-screening application, you will receive a confirmation number. Using your social security number, you will be able to check your waiting list status after April 7, 2020 using the “Section 8 Waiting List Status” button to the left.

Once the pre-application period is over, the housing commission will draw 600 names by random, computerized lottery to be placed on the Waiting List. Applicants who are placed on the Waiting List will have their “Waiting List Status” changed to “Selected” and will be mailed an Application with further instructions. Applicants who are not placed on the waiting list will have their status changed to “Not Selected”. They will not be contacted by the housing commission.

Getting on the list does not guarantee that a family will receive a voucher. Applicants must meet income and eligibility requirements to get the voucher once their name comes up. Applicants must be at least 18 years old by April 3, 2020. If an applicant owes money to the Battle Creek Housing Commission or to another public housing authority, those monies must be paid in full before May 8, 2020 or the applicant will not be eligible for voucher assistance.

Click here to apply online.

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